Organizations and Websites About Bats – Bat Conservation International is a world bat conservation organization based in Austin, Texas, and is well worth supporting. Their website includes lots of news about bats and bat conservation. They out a regular magazine about bats and the organization’s work, plus a free email newsletter. They have some great handouts on bats you can download. – This organization does some strong education work about bats and includes some excellent information about bats on their website. They do some interactive programs with bats, including guided tours, as well as bat conservation. – The place to go to find all sorts of bat products, from t-shirts to bat houses. Affiliated with Bat Conservation International. – This company provides support gear and workshops for bat researchers and wildlife managers. They have everything from acoustic monitoring devices to to infrared lights to bat houses. – The British do some phenomenal work getting people involved with nature, and this organization is definitely a group doing that. It is a strong education and conservation organization. It obviously emphasizes British bats, but there is a lot of good information about bats and connecting with them on their website. They have some very good publications on bats that you can download. Britain is very interesting in the way they have come to better appreciate bats and this organization had a lot to do with it. – a British online store with cool nature mugs, prints and more. The bat used is a British one, but very cool. – Merlin Tuttle is the father of all bat conservation and education efforts in the U.S. He started Bat Conservation International and now has his own Merlin Tuttle’s Bat Conservation. He has been a hugely influential bat researcher, plus has made a lifetime of capturing all bats in photographs. This website shows a lot of his superb work. – top-of-the-line bat acoustic analysis software that identifies bats from their sounds to a very high degree of accuracy. This software is based on the seminal work of bat researcher, Dr. Joe Szewczak at Humboldt State University in California. – Wildlife Acoustics makes “bioacoustic” monitoring gear and software, including the Echo Meter Touch, a microphone module that turns your iPhone or iPad into a bat detector that can even identify bats by their sounds.