The Bat Blog

Bats intro 1My fascination with bats keeps me always trying to learn more about them. Right now I am reading an old classic book on bats published in 1939, Bats by Glover Morrill Allen. This book has a lot of great natural history stories, but it also has a lot of scientific information that is known now to be wrong or at least not complete. Bats still do not get the research that such important parts of nature might have.

My goal is to post information about bats that I find interesting in the hopes that others will find it interesting, too. At times I may post frequently, but at other times, maybe only once a month. Bats are less active at this time of year, so I might only every month or so. This blog is new for me (though I have been doing blogs for many, many years, such as my nature-and-photography blog).

So stay tuned! And you can add comments to the blog posts or send me comments by going to the Who page.