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Hi! I’m Rob Sheppard. I am proud of the work I have done as a photographer, author, naturalist and videographer. I love the natural world, and that can be a native bee in my native plants garden as much as a visit to a national park.

I have long been interested in bats, but never really took the time to get to know them. I have been working hard to correct that. They are such an important part of nature. I took a field course on bat ecology and conservation with Dr. Joe Szewczak that played a big part in helping me to know bats and want to share that knowledge with others.

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One of the challenges I have found is that a lot of information about bats is scattered all over the place. I wanted to use my skills as a professional communicator to create a website that could give an overview of bats in a way that would be easy to understand, that would help the visitor gain an appreciation of bats and would offer a resource to start learning more about bats.

I have written and photographed a lot of books and magazine articles but what is most important to me about them is knowing that I have helped people become better photographers and gain a better connection to nature. My website is at www.joyofnatureandphotography.com and blog at www.natureandphotography.com.

I work to help people connect with photography and nature through speaking and as a workshop leader, too. All of this has gained me a Fellow award with the North American Nature Photography Association. Many people knew me as the long-time editor of Outdoor Photographer magazine.

A short list of some of the books I have done:

I am the husband of a beautiful and smart wife, father to my outstanding son and daughter, and one who lived in Minnesota most of my life, but now loves the variety and very long growing season of Southern California.

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