Night Life – the Amazing Bat

amazing bat

A myotis bat swoops in for a drink of water.

Here’s the deal. We are creatures of the day. Bats are creatures of the night. We have never been comfortable with the night except when we turn it into day with our manufactured light. When we can’t see into the darkness around us, that spooks us, it puts us on edge. So when a bat materializes from the night, it scares us! Bats give us no warning – they are silent to us, wear inconspicuous coloring, are small, and are unlike anything seen during the day.

Yet, consider these facts about the bat:

  • Bats are a key part of nature at night on every continent except Antarctica.
  • Bats make up 1/4th of all mammal species.
  • Bats are the primary night predator of insects.
  • And nature doesn’t stop just because we go to bed.

These awesome, gentle little creatures are truly remarkable when you get to know them. They can do things that no other mammal can, are surprisingly smart for their size and they are a key part of night life in nature. They are not mice, but a group all their own that is closer to us than a rodent.

Learning about this side of nature has become very important to me as a writer and photographer (click Who to see more about me). Bat photography is hard, but I am learning to do it better so I can help reveal this night wildlife. If we don’t see nature, we tend not to understand and preserve it. I created this website to create a little positive buzz for these wild animals, something they really do deserve. My goal is to help you learn a lot about them as you go through the pages of this website. Bats are important.